Is Anavar Steroid An Optimal Muscle Building Solution?

Are you interested to use Anavar? Read this article to learn about its pros, cons and the best places to buy it.

The world of professional sports nowadays is rife with the illegal use of anabolic steroids, and it’s easy to believe that there’s also significant steroid abuse in collegiate and high school sports. International competitions as well as professional sports leagues often result in stories about athletes getting caught, as most competitions these days usually include random drug testing as well.

Sometimes athletes get caught because of some accident. For example, some athletes from Finland were caught because their coach dropped a suitcase full of drugs out of the car. Drugs are everywhere in sports, even though it’s banned, illegal, and downright unhealthy.

The History of Anavar Use

The use of drugs in sports is not a new phenomenon, however. In fact, it was the result of the intense rivalry between the Soviet bloc and the US in their battle for Olympic supremacy. It started with the weightlifters among the Soviets, who were sporting unbelievable physiques (while also displaying some weird side effects).

Then the Americans countered by administering their own drugs, and that’s when anabolic steroids became standard in the bodybuilding community. Soon the entire athletic community would follow.

One of the more famous steroids of them all is oxandrolone. It’s more commonly known as Anavar, as this was its brand name when the pharmaceutical company Searle launched it in 1964. It offered several therapeutic properties which have been discovered through the years.

However, the Anavar steroid was discontinued by Searle in 1989, due to the bad press brought on by bodybuilders abusing the drug. It was later reintroduced to the world market as Oxandrin in 1995, but it remains a controlled substance under US law. The current manufacturer of oxandrolone holds all the rights to their medicine, and that’s why it is very rare to find oxandrolone today. It’s still called Anavar by most people, and it’s very hard to buy. Even if you do find Anavar for sale, the law of supply and demand inevitably results in a rather exorbitant price for the steroid.

Why Do Athletes Use It?

Anavar is banned in just about all organized sports, but it’s still one of the most popular steroids in the market today. Part of the reason for this popularity is that when you compare it to other steroids, it is quite safe to use. What’s more, the detection time for Anavar is much shorter than for other steroids.

For men, Anavar isn’t really effective for the bulking phase. The bulking effects of Anavar aren’t as impressive as what you could gain from other steroids. But for women, the Anavar results are astounding. The muscles gains are just enough. The use of Anavar for women is so prevalent that some people refer to it as the girl steroid.

For men, Anavar is best used in the cutting phase. It helps in the maintenance of lean muscle mass during the Anavar cycle, while you try to shed the water and excess fat in your system. There’s always the chance that when you try to lose weight you lose muscle mass as well. With Anavar, you protect your lean muscle mass from disappearing. In addition, it also helps suppress your appetite, and that can help you when you go on a diet to lose the excess fat.

Another benefit in performance is muscular endurance. This is a crucial factor for many people who play sports. Muscular endurance is defined as the ability of a muscle (or a group of muscles) to contract repeatedly and continuously for an extended period of time. That means you can say goodbye to such ailments as muscle fatigue. The best example of this is in running, which doesn’t require muscular strength or physical flexibility.

Finally, it also boosts cardiovascular endurance. This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of physical fitness. In general health, if you cardiovascular endurance is excellent then you can avoid a lot of serious ailments. But for athletes, it’s important because the heart controls the flow of oxygen to all your muscles. That’s why it involves your respiratory system as well.

One of the reasons for its popularity among illicit users is that Anavar side effects are truly minimal—when compared to other steroids. Side effects such as gynecomastia are rare because the steroid doesn’t aromatize. You also don’t retain water when you take it, unlike many other steroids.

Anavar Side Effects

Just because Anavar may be the safest of all the anabolic steroids doesn’t mean it’s really safe. It’s like saying a violent criminal in prison is harmless because all the other mass murderers in the prison are worse. It is still dangerous, and it does have adverse side effects.

The first thing we need to mention is the fact that it’s a controlled substance and banned for competition. Every time you use it, you risk getting caught and then getting arrested or suspended from participating in your chosen sport.

But Anavar is banned because it does cause some unfortunate medical conditions.

When you have liver problems, you’ll notice it. You may feel some persistent pain in your stomach, your urine may become darker, you may be tired all the time, or your skin or eyes may turn yellow.

Alternatives to Anavar – Anvarol

Since Anavar was introduced, athletes have often been forced to balance the pros and cons of its use. Are all these benefits worth all the risk? You have to take the bad with the good when you take Anavar.

But you have to remember that Anavar is basically 1960s technology. We’re now well into the 21st century, and huge advances have been made in medical research. Today, you don’t have to take the good with the bad. You just take the good.

You can now benefit from Anavar without the side effects, by taking a modern supplement that’s based on Anavar. Called Anvarol, it offers all the benefits of Anavar without exception. Anvarol promotes some muscle buildup, protects your muscles when you diet, helps you lose weight, and also boosts your athletic performance.

At the same time, there is no side effect to worry about. It is totally safe. And because of this, it is also completely legal. You can buy Anvarol openly, and of course it is far more affordable. And when you do take, you also don’t worry about arrests or suspensions.

Anvarol is Anavar without the bad. That means it’s all good. What more do you want?